Weego Js12 Holiday Pack With Bonus Battery Pack

Weego Js12 Holiday Pack With Bonus Battery Pack
JS12 Holiday Pack with Bonus Battery Pack *Limited Time Offer

Watt's Under The Tree?

Don't leave your loved ones stranded; give the gift of portable power! Heavy Duty Weego Jump Starter Battery+ along with a FREE Rechargeable Battery Pack for your phone ensures that you stay powered when on-the-go.

Heavy Duty Jump Starter Battery+
Stuck in a deserted parking lot? Stranded after a long day on the lake? Can't find someone to help? Weego Heavy Duty Jump Starter Battery+ eliminates the worry and fear, and allows you to get moving again - fast! Our portable jump starter is designed to not only start your engine but will also charge your laptop, phone, tablet, speakers and other USB devices. And it's small enough to fit in your pocket or glove box. So affordable - it pays for itself after just 1 jump!
  • Eliminates the need for jumper cables, bulk jumper packs or calling for a tow
  • Lithium-polymer jump starter, powerful enough to start gas engines up to 6.4L and diesel engines up to 3.2L
  • Works with cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, motorcycles and more
  • Safe and simple to use - just clamp the jumper cables to the dead batteries' terminals, connect Weego, power on and start the engine
  • Charges any USB device including phones, tablets and speakers with the 3-in-1 USB charging cord included
  • Also charges PC-based laptops with one of the 8 popular laptop connectors included
  • A built-in LED flashlight includes strobe and SOS functions
  • Made with durable, quality components
  • Built-in safety and circuitry protections in the battery pack along with a fuse and diode in the jumper calbes ensure your safety
  • Long-lasting - only loses 2% charge per month when stored - no need to worry about leaving Weego in the glove box for months at a time
  • Offers up to 1000 charging cycles
  • Runs hot to cold - ideal operating temperatures from -4°F to 140°F
  • Weego has your back - jump starters are independent lab tested and back by a Crazy Long 18-month warranty

Bonus Rechargeable Battery Pack
A Rechargeable Battery Pack is a great way to keep your smartphone, tablet and speakers charged. It's packed with enough power to give up to 1.5 extra charges to most smartphones.
  • Charges phones up to 1.5 times
  • Premium Samsung SDI lithium-ion battery ensures long-lasting charge
  • Simple to use - just connect the included micro USB to your device (or use your own, original cord), press the "on" button and you're charging
  • Made with heavy-duty, quality materials and built-in safety circuitry protections
  • Compact design with soft-touch finish
  • Only loses 2% charge per month when stored
  • Offers 500+ full charging cycles - that's over 500 charges and 500 discharges
  • Weego has your back - battery packs are independent lab tested and backed by a Crazy Long 18-month warranty

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