NorthWind Mug - Set of 6

NorthWind Mug - Set of 6

The NorthWind mug is perfect for breakfast and tea. The mug is made of unbreakable melamine in white with a navy blue compass rose feature. Other nautical accessories that accompany this item are the sugar bowl and milk jug set and the mocha teaspoons in stainless steel. 

The thermos, the coffee set and the bowls are other essential items that complete the Northwind collection.

Melamine BPA Free

Sold in set of 6 plates

Note: Melamine products are not designed for cooking. Not for use in the oven or microwave. Suitable for dishwashers. To preserve their shine, avoid using abrasive detergents. To prevent stains caused by tea or coffee, we recommend washing the cups immediately after use. Any design irregularities and differences in these irregularities are part of the production process and should not be considered design faults.

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  • $49.95

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