NorthWind Square Tableware Set - 24 Pcs

NorthWind Square Tableware Set - 24 Pcs

The NorthWind 24 piece pack is a practical melamine set for 6 people. It is made up of 6 square dinner plates, 6 square soup dishes, 6 square dessert dishes, 6 stack-able mugs & basket. All the pieces are manufactured in two-tone unbreakable melamine (blue outside) and come in the PVC round multi-use basket with zip that can be used to store the dishes or as a fruit container or for nautical accessories. All the pieces can be purchased separately.

Melamine + PVC.

Note: Melamine products are designed for eating, not cooking. Not for use in the oven or microwave. Suitable for dishwashers. To preserve their shine, avoid using abrasive detergents. To prevent stains caused by tea or coffee, we recommend washing the cups immediately after use. Any design irregularities and differences in these irregularities are part of the production process and should not be considered design faults. BASKET: Hand wash. Can use detergent. The handles should be dried thoroughly to prevent rust spots.

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