Metal Detectors

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Bounty Hunter 10 Coil Cover

10" Coil CoverProtect your coil from abrasion and damage ..


Bounty Hunter 10 Magnum Coil Wide Field Of Detection

Bounty Hunter® 10-inch Magnum CoilThe Bounty Hunter® 10-inch Magnum Coil has a wide field of detecti..


Bounty Hunter 4 Gold Coil 4 Gold Nugget Coil

Bounty Hunter® 4-inch Magnum CoilWhile a standard coil is great for finding large objects that are d..


Bounty Hunter 7 Coil Cover

7" Coil CoverProtect your coil from abrasion and damage ..


Bounty Hunter 8 Coil Cover

8" Coil Cover for Discovery, Elite, Legacy, Legacy & Sharp Shooter IIProtect your coil from abrasion..


Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100

Discovery 1100Detecting is fun with the automated, easy-to-operate metal detector!The Bounty Hunter®..


Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200

Discovery 2200Packed with high-end features, yet easy-to-use!The Bounty Hunter® Discovery 2200 Metal..


Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

Discovery 3300Top-Of-the-line from the popular Discovery Series!The Bounty Hunter® Discovery 3300 Me..


Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Fast Metal Detector

The Fast Tracker is a user-friendly instrument, offering tremendous value for the money, while deliv..


Bounty Hunter Gold Prospecting Kit

Basic Gold Prospecting KitGOLDKIT1Includes:10-1/2" Gold Pan (Made in the USA)14" Gold Pan (Made in t..


Bounty Hunter Handy Man Nail Finder

Handy Man Nail FinderS3019-HLumber reclaimers, tree harvesters, handymen, carpenters, or anybody loo..


Bounty Hunter Hardrock Prospecting Kit

Hardrock Pro Gold Prospecting KitGOLDKIT3Includes:10-1/2" Gold Pan (Made in the USA)14" Gold Pan (Ma..


Metal Detectors