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Fastfender is to help hang and adjust boat fenders rapidly and easily. To attach and adjust marine fenders can be tricky and, if not done properly, your boat can be damaged.

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"A fender hanger is for people that have knot-tying issues. Well actually that aside there are many fender hanging products on the market, many of them are maybe harder to figure out than a knot. This new European fender gadget is actually quite simple.

Made out of molded plastic, Fastfender includes an integral cleat and twin hooks that with just a quick twist of the wrist hangs over a railing or lifeline. No moving parts.
One advantage apart for not needing to know knots is that you can preset the length and keep it. This way you know the fender is set at the right height all the time."

Fastfender is guaranteed to make your boating more fun and easy. fastfenders, also, help you to protect your costly investment by helping you to hang and adjust marine fenders easily.

This new fender gadget was introduced in Europe three years ago and currently available in eleven European countries. fastfenderusa is the only authorized dealer of fastfender BV, Netherlands in North America and Caribbean.

It is the ultimate solution for boaters who need to hang and adjust heavy marine fenders easily and rapidly. Why go through the hassle of tying your fenders when you can "Hang fast with fastfender"?

  • Easy one hand use
  • Attach and remove fenders quickly
  • Fastfender Sail: fits on life line only
  • Fastfender Sail: suitable for 3/8" line
  • Fastfender25: fits on railings up to .98" in diameter
  • Fastfender25: suitable for 3/8" line
  • Fastfender32: fits on railings, tubes, life line, cleat and rails up to 1¼\" in diameter
  • Fastfender32: suitable for fender-line of 7/16" or slightly larger
  • Fastfender40: fits on round and square railings, tubes, life line, cleat and rails up to 1½" in diameter
  • Fastfender40: suitable for fender-line of ½" or slightly larger
  • Resistant to seawater and UV rays
  • Resistant to temperatures of between -10° and +110° Fahrenheit
  • Very light weight, only 4 oz.
  • Fastfender is resistance to tractive forces of up to 400 lbs.

NB: Fastfenders are sold in pairs. Quantity 1 means 2 pieces of fastfenders.

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