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NorthWind Beverage Glass - Set of 6

The NorthWind beverage glass is made in poly-carbonate. Poly-carbonate is the best -known plastic material as it is hard- wearing and resistant to alcohol. 

Using this material on board avoids potential accidents with broken glass. This article is perfect for aperitifs and can be matched up with other nautical accessories such as the snacks set and be carried on the non-slip and fall- proof tray.

Set of 6 | Ø 3.03 x H 6.29 inch | MS BPA Free

Note: This product has been designed for use in normal, not extreme, conditions Not suitable for drinks with a high alcoholic content or very hot drinks. Not suitable for microwaves. Suitable for dishwashers, but in the upper tray only. To extend the life of the product, avoid using abrasive cleaners.

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