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Custom Bed Spread

Made to fit your Home, Boat or RV's special shaped mattress. We also make custom fitted bed sheets and mattress pad. Call (224) BE-NAUTI  (224) 236-2884 or email for detail. 

Custom fitted to any shape mattress
Custom bedspreads are a far cry from ready made offerings fitted, fitted with a gathered skirt, and semi-fitted styles are available in thousands of fabrics and trims. Bedspreads can be quilted or un-quilted to suit your taste. Don't forget to add coordinating pillow shams and your custom bedspread is complete. Made to the exact measurement of your boat bed, bedspreads can be tailored or fancy, casual or formal, quilted or un-quilted.
We make bed spread for any shape mattress. Your custom fitted bed spread will be made to match your unique shaped boat mattress. No more struggling to keep the boat bed looking nice with a blanket or quilt that is not made for your mattress. Our custom fitted bed spread make it very easy to "make the boat bed" and they will stay snug and in place.
 After placing an order we will contact you to schedule an appointment to create a template of your boat mattress. You can buy your own fabric or we can bring sample fabrics to show you. 
The primary photo is for display of texture only and not a true representation of the actual colors. The colors in the rows are actual photographs of each color and represent the colors available. There may be variances in appearances due to computers, screen resolution, etc.  Because these products are custom made, they are not returnable nor cancellable. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 
There may be additional charges for us to make template. 

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