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Custom Fitted Boat Bed Sheet Template

Made to fit your Home, Boat or RV's special shaped mattress. We also make custom fitted mattress pad. Call 847-666-5494 or email for detail. 

Custom Shaped to Fit any Boat or RV Bed

We make bed sheets for any shape mattress. Your custom fitted sheet will be made to match your unique shaped boat mattress. No more struggling to make up the boat bed with a sheet that is not made for your mattress. Our custom fitted boat bed sheets make it very easy to "make the boat bed" and they will stay snug and in place.  Also available in these sizes: California King, King, Queen, Full & Twin.

Add this item only if you are buying Custom Bed Sheet, Bed Spread or Mattress pad.  We do mattress templates for Chicagoland area customers. Call us for detail. 

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