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Taylor Made 3/4 HP Oil-Free D-Icer w/50' Oil-Resistant Power Cord

3/4 HP Oil-Free D-Icer with 50' Oil-Resistant Power Cord

Taylor Made's Oil-Free Design is More Energy Efficient Than Oil-Filled Units

Analysis, improvement, innovation, and testing, result in proven, superior performance. 

Why Choose Our Oil-Free D-Icer? 

Our innovative motor design, high-efficiency, and extra features leave the competition behind. A superior product that costs no more than the competition. It is a powerful submersible motor-driven water circulation unit that prevents ice formation during winter months by continuously propelling warmer subsurface water up to the surface. The Taylor Made D-Icer keeps the area ice-free. It's ideals for use around a boat or dock.

Our Unique Design 

The unique one-piece design of the shroud prevents large debris from being sucked through and damaging the propeller, a major cause of failure in other ice prevention devices. Optional thermostat control is available, as well as an optional flotation collar to hold the D-Icer near the surface for aerating.


  • Oil-Free Design - no chance of oil leaks polluting our environment
  • More Energy Efficient than Oil-Filled Brands - costs less to operate. Pays for itself
  • Molded Glass Filled Nylon Scroud - guides water flow, and blocks debris
  • Stainless Steel Motor Shaft and Motor Housing - eliminates corrosion
  • Dual Internal Seals and Double Lip Shaft Seal - keep water and dirt out for long life
  • High Efficiency Motor and High Performance Propeller - give the most flow for your energy dollars
  • Continuous Duty 120V Single Phase Motors - can run non-stop for years without maintenance
  • Standard 50'Field Replaceable Power Cords - get you to the middle of the slip without modification
  • Designed for Harsh Saltwater Environment with Renewable Zinc Anode for Corrosion Protection - thrives in salt or mineral filled water
  • Easy to Install by One Person - fast setup allows use as a portable unit
  • Two Year Warranty - for peace of mind

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