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Anderson: Inventors offer array of gadgets worthy of look


Star Tribune

January 20, 2012 - 6:24 AM

Innovation buffs can be easily entertained at the Minneapolis Boat Show, which continues through Sunday at the Convention Center.


Some examples:


• Tucked into a booth against the show's back wall is Raihan Ahmed, whose business card describes him as "director" of Rynkel Marine of Huntley, Ill., near Chicago. Translated, he's the owner, and one of a handful of cool products he's peddling at the show is the "Fastfender," which allows boat owners to easily attach and adjust fenders to rails or cleats. Difficult to describe but easy to use, the Fastfender stays permanently attached to a fender line (and fender), and adjusts to allow the fender to hang at any distance from it. Quickly and easily, the Fastfender can be attached to a rail or cleat, allowing for boat protection regardless of dock height. "If a marine product doesn't make customers go, 'Wow,' I won't carry it, and the Fastfender is a 'wow' product," Ahmed said. Price (depending on size): $34 to $45. More at


• Another of Ahmed's gadgets is equally inventive. It's a key fob, or (in appearance) ornament. Attach it to your keys, cellphone, camera or anything of value, and if the item falls overboard, water reacts with a chemical in the fob, inflating a balloon, allowing for recovery. The fob also emits a flashing orange beacon that can be seen at more than 800 feet. Price: $12.


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Sail World selects Fastfender as 'Product of the Week'


There are two difficulties about getting fenders ready in a hurry: 


First, they take so long to tie them to the guard rail. 


Second, Murphy's law says that the level will be wrong and you'll have to retie them at the very last minute, or risk scratching your nice shiny hull on the dock ...that is, until Fast Fender came along... 





My Boats Gear Review


A fender hanger is for people that have knot-tying issues. Well actually that aside there are many fender hanging products on the market, many of them are maybe harder to figure out than a knot. This new European fender gadget is actually quite simple.


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